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Who we are ?

Loophoop was started in the year 2021 by Mrs Kanchan Bhadani. Loophoop is a social impact venture, providing employment opportunities to women tribal communities, women weavers communities and women artisans communities. We work to impart financial and emotional stability in the lives of these underprivileged women. The tribals of Jharkhand are suffering from the backlash of the shutting down of the mining industry due to imposition of the Reserve Forest Act. Due to the lack of proper governance and employment opportunities, the poor are being forced into menial daily labour of the illegal mining industries. Loophoop has set up a training unit where these women are given the opportunity to learn and grow and find better employment opportunities to improve their standard of living and assist them in earning better wages.

About the founder

    Kanchan Bhadani is a passionate social activist and an entrepreneur. She is working towards uplifting the underprivileged tribal women communities, bpl families over 2 decades now. She runs vocational training programs and ensures that sufficient livelihood opportunity is provided to these women so that they are financially empowered.



We have set up a Training and development unit in Jhumri Telaiya (Jharkhand) where we focus on providing alternate employment options for tribal women currently being exploited in the illegal mica mining sector, due to the backlash of the sudden closure of mining industries in the state. We provide these women from tribal communities a chance to learn and train as crochet artists and then give them employment opportunities to work as crochet toy makers in our manufacturing unit. Currently over 18 women are working in our unit on a job work basis to create our crochet toy range. Our vision is to impart full time employment opportunities with fixed wages to the workers in the near future.


We have identified and studied the various weaving clusters across the nation and have visited, researched, and collaborated with them to create our collections. We focus on working with women-based weaving clusters and organisations that provide more opportunities to women in their local regions. Some of the weaving clusters we are working with are – Bhagalpur Cluster, Dumka Cluster, Madhubani Cluster, Sanganer Cluster, Bagru Cluster, Fulia Cluster.


In today’s urban scenario, there are many women who are forced to quit flourishing careers due to family commitments. A study proves that only 12% of working mothers are able to return back to work after their maternity break. We believe these women are here to ignite the fire of their ambitions and deserve to be given a platform to shine. Loophoop is dedicated to employ these women who are currently on career break/ sabbatical leave. We give them flexibility to work from home, corporate training for new job roles and promoting a woman only workplace at the office.